Meet your business and technology goals with the advice of an experienced, objective voice.

CIO Advisory Services

At ROAM, our team will assist you in communicating and presenting technology strategy, direction and execution to the C-Suite by aligning business outcomes with innovation and technology leadership. ROAM CIO advisory services will:

  • Empower your overall strategic plan with technical execution
  • Benchmark against industry and federal standards
  • Set strategy for successful management of IT and data resources
  • Guide application and business process paths and roadmaps
  • Lead digital innovation efforts to enable organizations to pivot and adapt
  • Leverage industry best practices
  • Facilitate vendor relations, negotiations, and escalations
  • Lead and staff high visibility/high-priority projects as needed
  • Educate on relevant and timely trends in the industry

Our CIO Advisory Services are backed by multidisciplinary experience in Information Technology (IT), Finance, Human Resources, Law Enforcement, and Legal leading and advising on:

  1. IT Strategy Development: We work with you to develop a comprehensive IT strategy that aligns with your organization’s overall business objectives. We help you identify technology solutions that will support your goals, and a timeline for implementation.
  2. IT Governance: We help you establish a framework for IT governance that ensures alignment between IT and business objectives, promotes transparency and accountability.
  3. IT Portfolio Management: We work with you to evaluate your IT portfolio, identifying areas of duplication and underutilized resources, and recommending actions to optimize your IT investments.
  4. IT Risk Management: We assess your organization’s IT risks and develop a risk management plan to mitigate them, including incident response and disaster recovery planning.
  5. IT Organizational Assessment: Our team of experts conducts an in-depth assessment of your organization’s IT infrastructure, processes, and personnel, identifying areas of improvement and developing recommendations for future IT strategy.
  6. CIO Mentoring: Our team of experienced CIO’s provide guidance and mentoring to help you navigate the challenges of the CIO role and to stay current on industry trends and best practices.

Our approach is tailored to your specific needs and our team of experienced consultants has a proven track record of delivering successful IT projects on time and within budget.

Don’t let the challenges of the CIO role hold you back. Contact us today to learn more about how our CIO advisory services can support you in driving technology strategy and achieving your goals.