Technology Roadmapping


A technology roadmap can link the company’s goals with the necessary technology solutions to help meet those goals. At ROAM, we are uniquely equipped to create both long and short-term strategies for technology planning and development. We take our technology roadmaps to the next level by incorporating PEOPLE and PROCESSES into each deliverable. While a stand-alone technology roadmap can be appropriate for some clients, it is typical that for a customer to meet its business goals, a holistic, PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY strategy is necessary. Improving our clients’ business performance is a top priority for us and our plans place an emphasis on organizational efficiency, resiliency, competitive advantage, security, scalability and business value.

Our proven approach to develop a well-defined strategic technology roadmap involves the assessment of multiple factors such as:

  • Cost/benefit trade-offs
  • Market drivers
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Regulatory drivers
  • Business value
  • Competitive landscape
  • Technology & organizational maturity
  • Risk appetite
  • and barriers to adoption

We provide the technical, strategic, cost analysis, and modeling leadership required to develop effective technology planning documents for strategic development and custom technology planning roadmaps.

At ROAM, we provide a structured methodology for exploring and planning relationships between evolving markets, products, cybersecurity and risk, and emerging technologies over time.

ROAM’s roadmapping process is based on years of experience, fine-tuning and application. We take our clients through a defined set of steps that ensure the best outcome possible.