Measuring ‘Distance Traveled’ for Talent

Define skills from learning and work experiences for a holistic view of the individual

In partnership with AstrumU we have co-authored a whitepaper to Measure Distance Traveled for Talent.

Using traditional thinking backed by rigid, manual, and outdated processes, we have inadvertently created a set of talent acquisition practices that introduce bias, is not equipped to efficiently explore and identify individuals that are rich in skills that match critical roles.

We must make changes to these practices, first by taking a holistic view to understand how education and work experiences build on top of one another. These experiences must be measured to allow for an understanding of existing skills and the identification of likely skill gaps to critical roles. Once identified, these gaps can guide identified individuals through the talent pipeline promoting robust external talent acquisition and internal talent mobility.

Learn more by downloading our whitepaper.

About AstrumU:

AstrumU® is a software company based in Kirkland, WA that was created to translate educational experiences into economic opportunity. We are on a mission to quantify the return on education investment for learners, education providers, and employers. We help institutions measure the value created for incoming and returning students, while assisting them in securing industry partnerships that lead students seamlessly into high-demand career pathways.


Founded by a prior Federal CIO and former Chairperson of the Legislative Branch CIO Council in 2021, ROAM FEDERAL is a full-service IT Consulting and Advisory firm located in Carlsbad, California and serving clients worldwide. At ROAM, our consultants orchestrate the capabilities to truly change the game—across strategy, design, technology and industry/functional knowledge—to deliver insight at speed and solutions at scale.

“The skills requirements of all industries will continue to evolve, and so will the skills of the workforce.
The only way to ensure the skills requirements of both will overlap is to assess employees current skills, map the required skills and build a training and development program that closes the gaps”

— Heath Anderson, ROAM FEDERAL